imperceptibilis materia

festival nature inphoto 2019
audiovisual installation

‘Ordene de aqua’ is an audiovisual installation aiming to investigate the lagoon of Marano, which combines natual elements with industrial archaeology, and reveals the complex relationship between the aquatic ecosystem and the production plants. The project intends to deepen  the strong anthropic presence that matches non-human features, and the  transformation of the territory, which profoundly modified in the last decades the economy and culture of the area.

The installation (11'28'') has been realised by Daniela d’Arielli (video) and Nicola Di Croce (sound), curated by Leandro Pisano and developed during the residency ‘Imperceptibilis Materia’ as part of the festival Nature inPhoto, Riserva Naturale Valle Canal Novo, Marano Lagunare (UD).

photo credits Daniela d’Arielli