punto notevole

fashion at iuav 2019, MA graduation show 
sound design and live performance

The expression ‘Punto notevole’ deals with the nautical world, and refers to all the landmarks used by sailors to orientate their routes during costal navigation. From this evocative image moves the 2019 edition of the annual BA and MA graduation show of Iuav, University of Venice, fashion design course.

Punto notevole is a polyphonic project. Art direction is by Maria Luisa Frisa, with Cristina Zamagni, direction by Gina Monaco, with Niccolò Magrelli, sound design is by Massimo Conti and Nicola Di Croce. A performative intervention is curated by Jacopo Miliani, and performed by Sagg Napoli, visual identity is by Alessandro Gori.

photo credits Nicola Di Croce