Hearing voices

vertical music 2021
music, field recording / Cassette, digital

Craco is a small town in southern Italy, completely abandoned after a landslide in 1963. Since then, plants and animals slowly started to take over the ruins, creating a suspended atmosphere magnified by distant echoes coming from rural production and imaginary voices. 

The subject of abandonment is central here, as it recalls the massive depopulation trend faced by the inner side of southern Italy, and challenges the ways people perceive critical regional transformations. Here, listening practice becomes the tool elected to explore abandonment: a device that enable to move from sonic poetics to territorial politics, from the aesthetic of the audible to the painful call of the survivors. What’s left at the margins of the unheard? Hearing voices is the desperate cry addressing the void, negotiating new alliances with non-humans, taking care of the human’s debris.

The album uses  field recordings taken in 2013 in conversation with the voice of the poet Domenico Brancale.

Recordings, editing, mixing 
Nicola Di Croce
Giuseppe ielasi
Graphic design
Nicolas Turki Duchesnay

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