unfathomeless 2020
field recording / CD, digital

47 Anno Domini (47 AC) is the year when “Via Claudia Augusta” was completed by Roman empire. The road was passing by the area where the vinery “47 AD” now appears.
All the recordings has been undertaken in the vinery during the end of summer 2018, right after the grape harvest, at the beginning of the fermentation time. The album focuses on the fermentation process inside the big aluminium tanks and used contact microphones and hydrophones inside and outside the metal surfaces.

Field recordings taken during September 2018. Composed between October and November 2018 as part of the audiovisual installation “Fermento”, presented to the public in February 2019 and developed within the framework of “Arte digitale” project, Fondazione Ca’ Foscari 2018.

Composition and recording 
Nicola Di Croce
Giuseppe Ielasi
Graphic design
Daniel Crokaert, cover image Antonio Brigo

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