video ritratti in sardegna

l’ambulante 2018 

In the framework of the project ‘Video ritratti in sardegna’, the workshop ‘Reframing 3: Sounds, films, margins’ was organised by the cultural association ‘L’ambulante’ in order to investigate the sonic environment of one of the most marginalised areas in Cagliari, Italy.

The workshop moved from the metaphor of ‘face as landscape’ and explored the lineaments, the distinctive characters, the signs of transformations, as well as the wrinkles and the scars of a sonic landscape. In particular, by focusing on the Scafa section, it was possible to search, on the one side, the sonic elements unchanging over time, and on the other the most vulnerable and transitory ones. The field recordings taken during the workshop were then used to soundtrack a series of clips and footage material coming from the Sardinian Family Archive.

photo credits Nicola Di Croce