self 2012
music / digital

"What I found is a self-produced 8-tracks album gently moving through several references and styles, always revealing a personal sense of drama, deserving multiple and differentiate listenings.

Guitar, saxophones, clarinet, cello, samples, synthesizers and drum machine, along with several female singers: these are the main ingredients of the plate. The chef who composed and recorded it is Nicola Di Croce, trained as a guitarist, fond of electronic music (and by chance, an architect), whose main sensibility lies in the surprising balance between electronics, samples and acoustic instruments thus reminding me of Icarus‘ birdy electric world and the whole Leaf Label distopic research." Miki Semascus beirutsessions.wordpress.com

Composition and recording 
Nicola Di Croce
Gianni Visonà, Piero Bittolo Bon, Anna Münster, Joe Rehmer, Markus Wenninger, Francesco Pafundi
Luca Ruali

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