oak- editions 2014
music / digital, limited edition artwork

Born after an intense period of travelings and recordings, Fieldnotes is a travel journal where the sound stream alternates soundscapes very different one from another. Here personal moments communicate with spaces that are wide and thin, and both the writing and the instrumental parts articulates themselves into an overlapping of tales and directions.

The lack of clear borders pictures a continuous impulse to the data re-framing, a continuous tracking (and tracking down) of the starting point. This absence of clear coordinates thus turns into an invitation to look for an unstable shape, the note from where to start the journey to get lost again.

Composition and recording 
Nicola Di Croce
Niccolò Romanin, Gabriele Mitelli, Giovanni Giuidi, Piero BIttolo Bon, Joe Rehmer, Paul Roth, Daniele D'Alessandro, Anna Münster
Ian Hawgood
Caterina Gabelli

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