Three collaborative scores

Invisible cities Innsbruck, Magic Carpets 2020
residency and performance

The project initiated a collaborative process that aimed to investigate different and intimate sonic relationships with the city of Innsbruck. Participants responded to three scores that triggered their sonic memory and asked them to share field recordings that were used as the basis for collaborative compositions and reinterpreted during a final performance within the Heart of Noise Festival. The performance was supported by the Grassmayr Bell foundry.

The residency was commissioned by Latitudo - Art Projects, curated by Danijela Oberhofer Tonković / Openspace Innsbruck in collaboration with Peter Lorenz as part of the Invisible Cities Innsbruck, organized within the framework of Magic Carpets European Art Platform. Participants were austrian sound artists Milena Meller, Anna Lerchbaumer, Lucas Norer, Lukas Moritz Wegscheider, Andreas Zissler.

photo credits Christina Schmölz